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Erin's Journal
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Saturday, January 17th, 2009
8:13 pm
R.I.P. Shadow.

Best cat ever.

Current Mood: sad

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Monday, November 24th, 2008
5:50 pm
Dear friends:
Sorry that whenever I post I promise to post more frequently, and then don't for months. I have a problem, I know.

I think the last post I made was when I was crazy and not sleeping, right? Well, shortly thereafter I bought some melatonin and promptly got back on my old sleeping schedule, which may or may not have been for the best. Sleeping is for the best, at least.

Not much to report of late. Recording more music. Continuing to make what are apparently empty promises of posting music online one of these days. Made a delicious chocolate tofu pie, which ended up being a lot more work than the disastrous tofu pie I once made was. Side note for persons named Jenny: I will make another one for Thanksgiving since you didn't get a chance to try this one. Also for persons named Jenny: Let's hang out soon.

Last night had coffee with a Raine, which concluded with 3am photos outside in the below-freezing cold (and me in somewhat fancy shoes without socks). For persons who are internet friends with me but not Raine, here's a photo from a previous shoot:

For persons who are Raine: did you put any of the photos from the shoot after that online?

I think that's all for now. I would like to update more often, but by now I know better than to make any promises. So I guess just be aware that it could happen.

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
10:56 am
[Unrelated to anything: son of a bitch. Somehow I just deleted everything I had just written, and will now attempt to recreate it, perhaps improve on it.]

So I guess I haven't written in a while. Apologies to any who would have liked to read something from me in the past however many months. I'll try to get better, for reals this time. There have been a couple of times when I almost got on here and wrote an entry about poop or something that a few of my friends might have appreciated, but most probably not.

So the reason I'm on the internet right now, writing (and rewriting) is not excretory in nature. I can't sleep. Or rather, I can't sleep for any significant length of time. Over the past couple days it's been 2 hours of sleep every 10-12 hours. It's getting frustrating.

What initially got me all discombobulated was working one 4am store a couple weeks ago. For a job that starts in the morning (though that barely qualifies as morning), most people would probably have to wake up very early. I just stayed up. By the time I got home it was 10 or so, and it was at least another hour before I got to sleep. Sleeping until 5 or 6 in the evening caused me to stay up until the late morning/early afternoon the next day, and the next, and over the next two weeks it just got worse and weirder. So here I am.

I'm hoping to get a couple more hours of sleep before work this evening, but I'm not hopeful.

ANYWAY. I think last time I wrote something about making music? Well, recently I did some recording with Jared (also known as boyfriend) and I think it sounds fantastic. I'm (more or less) past my microphone phobia, and you can really hear the difference. It also helps that he has a lot of experience producing. Now all that's missing is Adam's bass.

If your name is Lilly: I've been meaning to call you back, sorry that I haven't yet. Really, if you were to call me in the morning I'd probably be awake and available. You're in my thoughts.

If your name is anything: how are my friends? What's going on with you?

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
5:38 pm
some new things?
I hear that there have been some complaints that I haven't updated in months. So here it goes. Some things that are new-ish since last update.

New artistic venture: music. Playing all the time. Writing songs. Recording. Realizing that I'm terrified of the microphone. Trying to decide whether I want to use a pseudonym or my real name when I'm ready to share some music with the rest of the world. Both have their merits and downsides. Any thoughts?

New dude: Jared. We've been working together for over two years, which sounds like a really bad idea but actually hasn't caused any problems. His hobbies include playing music, singing karaoke, mini golf, and lying to small children.

New job (sort of): I got promoted. Now I'm a supervisor. I really haven't done much supervisory stuff yet, but in a week or two I'm going to run my first two stores. Scary.

New hair color: red. I had several reasons for doing it: the novelty of natural hair color had worn off, I wanted a change, light-colored hair is really unflattering with the light grey shirt I wear for work now, blah blah blah.

New favorite album of the moment: Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger. So it's not actually new, it came out last year, but I just bought it a couple weeks ago. And I can't stop listening to it. Their first album (at least I think it was their first) was really good, but this one is fantastic. If someone has to tell me that a band is metal, or I have to read it somewhere, there's a good chance I'm going to like that band. A lot.

New dumb phrase that I think is really funny: calling people homeboy or homegirl. Not like "hey homeboy", more like "homeboy over there was giving me a weird look." I don't know how or why this started. I just called some chick I didn't know "homegirl" and thought it was hilarious. Mostly it's for people whose names I don't know, and mostly it's derogatory, but not always. Why do I think the dumbest things are so funny?

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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
5:20 am
last night...?
So I guess it's tomorrow now. So I worked for 10 hours and then I had to drive home from Redmond at 4:30-ish in the morning and I got this "energy coffee" at 7-11 and it didn't really hit me until right around the time I got home. I don't know when I'm going to be able to get to sleep because I feel wired as hell right now.

Yeah, first post in months and it's something this inane.

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Saturday, December 16th, 2006
10:09 pm
it's funny because i did this after seeing it in gea's journal
On the twelfth day of Christmas, hatefulerin sent to me...
Twelve ties drumming
Eleven perverts piping
Ten corsets a-leaping
Nine burritos crocheting
Eight ukuleles a-smoking
Seven bruises a-writing
Six self-portraits a-reading
Five ba-a-a-ack braces
Four romaine brooks
Three david sedaris
Two lifetime movies
...and a gea in a santarchy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

I think a gea in a Santarchy would be a pretty wonderful thing.

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
2:59 pm
This is Halloween
Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy - an original movie by the Lifetime Network

Why I Wore Lipstick To My Back Alley Mastectomy - a Halloween costume by Erin

(plus Alison's finger, because she thinks she's pretty funny.)

and a few more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
8:38 pm
Several things are quickly approaching:

-anaisred 's art show next Friday.
-Halloween in what, a week and a half? And still no costume.
-National Novel Writing Month - I'm going to give it a try, even if I fail miserably.
-screepy 's birthday a week after Halloween. We'll have to figure out something fun to do.

Probably other things I'm forgetting too. But these are things that are in the forefront of my mind.

The Dresden Dolls show on Saturday was fabulous. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I was kind of disappointed that they weren't all costumed, but the singer (Amanda?) played most of the show in a sports bra after someone yelled "Take it off!" in reference to the giant t-shirt she was wearing.
Raine and I missed a couple songs at the beginning because we had to move my car, and that damn Adam had to go and tell me that they were songs I like. I wish I could see them again.

Other things? Physical therapy isn't as creepy as I had expected, but still weird. The other day I got electroshock therapy on my back. I think I'm getting better, at least. I don't especially want to go back to RGIS. I need to find a new job, one that's less hazardous to my health.

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Saturday, April 15th, 2006
2:48 am
1. Sorry that I'm a flake. I said I'd be at SEAF, and I wasn't. I said I'd be at post-SEAF, and I wasn't. I could list my excuses and/or blame it on other people, but pretty much I'm just kind of a flake sometimes. I drive home from Seattle in the afternoon and decide I don't want to drive back that night. I fall asleep simply because I'm on a bed, and wake up for dinner at like 8:30. I'm crazy. I tried to call Jane during the post-SEAF show to tell her to say "Hi" to people for me since she's the only person whose cell phone number I knew, but that didn't work out so well. The next time there's an art show, I'll make an effort to go, but I won't tell anyone "Hey, I'm going to be there!" because now I know better.

2. I met a dude. His name is Jarrod and I'm rather fond of him. So much so that I'll actually act like I like him in public, in front of people I know!

3. I forget what 3 was for.

4. Okay, so maybe that's it for now. I should make another picture post sometime soon. Those are more fun than bland summations of my life. I should also make a new icon.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
5:49 pm
So I just did what all the cool kids were doing two or three years ago. I made a damn myspace profile. So who among my friends is on myspace? It seems like a whole lot of work trying to track people down. So maybe tell me if you're on there, and if so where to find you?

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
1:07 am
uke it up, fucker!
When I was in Portland, my Jason requested pictures of me and my ukulele. So tonight I was playing it and that crossed my mind. So here they are.

I remembered the cut this time.Collapse )

Sidenote: That's my Kayo Dot shirt behind the ukulele. Mia is pretty awesome.

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006
5:56 am
Because I forgot to bring my camera to the New Year's party. But here's what it looked like, more or less:

I arrive at Carolyn's house.
Alison: "Hey Erin, where's your posse?"

This is me and Tyson being best friends. So then why does he look so sad about it?

Evidently something was pretty hilarious. So hilarious that you can see the fillings in my teeth.

I'm not going to get into the story behind the dollar in my brassiere, but rest assured that I am not a whoore.

This is me and Matt Commando. It took way too long to convince him to put some damn pants on. I think eventually someone tricked him into it.

Ending on a better note than a weird naked dude. Me at the beginning of the evening when I still looked sort of dignified:

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
10:49 pm
In the past week or so I have:

1. Seen a Tarot reader. Not like seen her getting on the bus or something, but seen her as in got a reading.

2. Had my picture taken by Raine.

3. Seen a performance of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" featuring Xena Warrior Princess and the Seattle Men's Choir.

4. Gone dancing at the gay bar in Everett (yes, amazingly enough there is a gay bar in Everett).

5. Gone to Portland to see Dee graduate from Reed, experienced some heart swelling due to pride.

6. Gone to Powell's while in Portland and spent a really long time looking at the erotic art books, finally getting a thoroughly rad book called "The Hot Girls of Weimar Berlin" (or a title very similar to that) which has lots of beautiful pictures.

7. Stopped by Rik's place on the way back up to get some stuff and prints.

8. Worked a lot.

9. Probably some other crap.

Edited because my verb tenses were all kinds of messed up.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
5:36 pm
Sometimes there are things that I have told myself not to look at and I do really well at that for quite a while and then I get on some sort of self-destructive kick. Maybe because I've been low on "inner turmoil" lately? Things are pretty okay with me, but in a rather uninteresting way. I need... something. I don't know what.

I bought a rice cooker last night. So tonight my dinner will involve rice. Also, they gave us "Tangerini" mix and accompanying "rimmer". You mix it with vodka and you have instant girly drink. Since I was given boozin' supplies the night before my weekend it seemed like a sign that I ought to do some drinking, but I am lacking in the drinking buddy department.

I think I should avoid the internet more. I have things to do today and I'm not doing them. I have cleaning to do but I just want to go somewhere else.

I would like to see people. I'm not the biggest fan of driving TO Seattle, it exhausts me because I find it stressful. I'm sure driving IN Seattle would be much worse. So if you're a person who lives in Seattle who I would like to see and who would like to see me, we should work something out.
Jason- I know I have to drive down to P-town to visit you sometime in the near future. Be prepared for me to show up and fall asleep.

After two years, I got another piercing on Saturday night. I got an industrial. It fucking hurt, but I like how it looks. It's so strange, I really thought I had outgrown the whole piercing thing, and really I probably have, but I wanted it anyway.

Also: I'm trying to justify buying a juicer. Please give me reasons for/against it. It is $100, but I have the money and would be far from emptying my piggy bank. I really want it, and I've been reading reviews online (though I'm not sure if it's the "Deluxe Juice Machine" or "Power Juicer"), but I'm hesitant.

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Saturday, May 7th, 2005
6:56 pm
Been quite busy.
The outlet mall opened on Thursday. I didn't work that day, which was both a relief and a bit of a disappointment, since it was basically the day we'd been preparing for for weeks. I was told that today was actually more busy than Thursday, so there was actually no reason to feel relieved, though.

Haven't been on the computer much at all, too focused on the real world. I think some time away from the computer is a good thing for me, I just need to remember to check email still.

So yes, I've mostly just been working, going out with friends and writing. My main character has a name now! She went so long without one, I was beginning to think I would write the whole thing without naming her. But I decided she deserves a name. So her name is Elizabeth; some people will call her Elly and I think others will call her Beth. It's a nice, versatile name. I just feel a little strange about it because that was my recently deceased grandmother's name, and she probably wouldn't be thrilled to share her name with a fictional lesbo. It's not as though I named the character after her, though.

I think it might be time for a nap.

Current Mood: tired

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Sunday, May 1st, 2005
1:56 pm
Last night I was out 'til almost 4am working on my writing. Well, a decent amount of that time I was distracted because Lui showed up even though she was working too. But the point is that I am finally getting things done again after a dry spell of at least a couple weeks. Maybe I will share a bit on here sometime soon so you can tell me how great I am. Or because all the visual artists share what they're working on, and I'm just a lot of talk.
I was only there for a half hour, forty-five minutes after Lui left, but in that time creepy dude took the opportunity to talk to me. Luckily it would seem that he spooks easily, as I scared him away with only a few words, none of which were blatantly abusive. He's harmless but goddamn is he creepy.

Tonight is my first inventory job (a.k.a. "second job"), in the Northgate Mall. I need to get in touch with my "team leader" because I really hope there's a carpool available to me. I don't want to have to drive to Northgate and drive home at midnight or later. Plus I don't know how I'm supposed to get INTO the store since I'll be going there after the mall is closed.

It's May Day. Isn't that when you're supposed to give someone flowers? So pretend I gave you some flowers.

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
5:07 pm
Money: that's what I've got
Today I got a big fatty check (much gratitude to Rik for sending my mail to me). I ran to the bank to deposit it, and currently $100 of it is in my bank account, then in two days a very large chunk will also be there, and a week from now the rest will join it.

I want to go out and buy things, but I'm out of practice. What kind of things does an Erin buy? Maybe I need a thing-buying accomplice.

I know that there are things at my store that I want to buy. I need a rice cooker, and I kind of want a juicer, the Jack Lalaine ones where you can shove all kinds of crap in there and it won't clog up, it'll just take it like a man. I want to live forever by drinking juice, just like Jack Lalaine. Not to mention that Mother's Day is coming up very soon.

Speaking of my store rather than of buying things, the outlet mall opens one week from today. Scary.

Also, tomorrow morning I'm going in for some training for another job. Hopefully I'm not getting in over my head with all these jobs. I think I will be able to work this one around my schedule at the kitchen store, assuming we eventually HAVE schedules there.

How is it that I was unemployed for a really really long time, and now I'm going to have two jobs and I turned down another? Is it just a matter of location? It's not as though I've been trying harder. If anything, I was trying harder down there, I just seem to be walking into things at the right time now.

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
9:05 pm
Today I left work after being there for less than an hour. I got really dizzy, saw spots, got tunnel vision, thought I was going to faint even though I was sitting down, got the sweats, all manner of unpleasant things. I thought I had caught the virus my mom has/had, but when I woke up from a nap feeling fine other than some nasty back pain, I realized all this must have been caused by REALLY BAD CRAMPS. Maybe going off birth control was a bad idea? It seems silly to continue with all that nonsense if I'm not controlling any birth, but it did make cramps more tolerable. I sure didn't remember them being this bad two years ago.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
3:32 pm
Almost switched from the kitchen store to another job at the outlet mall because it would pay more, but it had some rules and regulations that weirded me out. I've actually grown sort of fond of the kitchen store, though I'm sure it's going to be a bitch once it opens. But I've already put in three weeks and a lot of energy there, so I might as well stick around.

Other than working, I haven't been doing a whole lot. Going out to coffee too much. It's annoying how when I first started going there a lot I was getting things done, and now it's just social hour. While I enjoy social hour, I've been slacking horribly on my writing. Also, there's this really creepy dude there who has apparently taken a liking to me. He keeps giving me and Lui photocopies of his meth-y drawings. He's sort of a Dracor. It's difficult to tell people to fuck off when they're only being passively creepy, and they work AND hang out at the place you frequent. Humans are gross.

Also: If your name is Jason you might be interested to know that I saw a really great Lifetime movie. It was about teenage girls and their problems! It was like someone saw Thirteen and thought "This is a good idea, but let's make it without the sex, drugs and controversy." It is called Odd Girl Out and you need to watch it.

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Saturday, April 9th, 2005
8:28 pm
I guess I haven't updated this in a very long time. Normal computer crapped out, so I'm on a really slow little craptop.

It seems like I have a ton of things, but I can't think of what they all are.
Got a job, at a kitchen-y store. Cooking gadgets, knives, fancy salsas and jams, that sort of thing. It hasn't actually opened yet, so until then it's training and stocking the store and whatnot.

Got in a car accident. It was really ridiculous. It was after completing first day of work. After getting back into town from carpool (oh yeah, the nearest kitchen store is 1 - 1 1/2 hours away) I stopped for a cup of coffee. As I was driving home, I apparently forgot that a green light means "yield" if you're turning left. I was really tired, okay?? Dude didn't have insurance, barely spoke English. My car came out looking not too bad at all. Oh yeah, and I'm okay too.

I've been writing a whole lot. Maybe I'm writing a novel? I'm not quite sure yet. I'll just see where it goes. I'm sure at some point I'll decide it's garbage again.

Lui's friend had some photos up at a womany cafe along with a dozen or so other girls, and we went to the opening the other day. It was mostly a collection of hardcore crappy 19-year-old girl digital photography. The friend's pictures were the best, and they were abstract photos of rusted metal and stuff. I don't even usually like abstract things. But everything else was "look at this pretty tree" or "look at this wildlife". There was even (I really wish I was joking) the face of a kitty cat digitally superimposed onto a flower. It was the most revolting thing I've ever seen.

People going to SEAF: will you be there on Saturday? That's when I intend to go. I will not have been paid yet by the time SEAF happens (crap dude, that's in a week), but I know that I want to buy prints of some of you folks' paintings and drawings and whatnot. I would like to surround myself with pretty pictures. So if your name is Derek or Jessica or Krysztof maybe some arrangements can be made for "setting something aside" for me.

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